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Pomme Journal is pleased to announce a call for submissions for their inaugural Petite Pomme, a miniature sized journal at 4x6", entitled "Put Into Words, My Love"

The Details

We're looking forward to falling in love with your work! "Put Into Words, My Love" is an exploration of the feeling of love, and an attempt to put it into words. The final collection will be a long love story, small enough to fit in your pocket and suitable for recitation to your dearest loved one. 

Accepted work will feel 

  • genuine
  • gender neutral
  • reflective
  • uplifting 


Please note, submissions that do not meet the guidelines will not be accepted. 

All submissions must be 

  • no longer than 900 CHARACTERS (please note, spaces and punctuation count as a character). 
  • OR 20 lines (Take into consideration, a full return space between stanzas counts as a line).
  • Each line cannot exceed 45 characters

Accepted work will be displayed in 9pt font in a space approximately 2.5x5".

Feel free to submit up to two works per entry!

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: We will not accept erotica or work that may be deemed lewd or overly sensual. If you have questions prior to submission, please direct them to pommejournalcomm@gmail.com. We thank you for your respect.